Prague, so many statues and beautiful streets

Overview Photo of the City of Prague


Trevor in Front of the National Museum in Prague

Our stay in Prague has been a blur of beautiful tours of the various sites, long walks back and forth to our hostel, late night to early morning going out, cathedrals and castles. All in all a great trip.

Our first day we went to the [Národní Muzeum National Museum. We did not buy a camera pass so, there are no pictures from the inside. It was full of a zoological history of the world. So many ancient and modern species were represented. there was also history about the Czech Republic and their decent from communism and Russia. It was a very informative museum, although much of it was only in Czech. We spent much of the remainder of the day wondering around the winding streets of old Prague. I find the area to be very confusing. The buildings tower over the cobblestone streets. The old rock streets wind in and out of each other (changing names every few blocks) and never following a set grid. We found our way to [the Astronomical Clock][10] in the town center. From the top you can see over the entire city (the top picture is taken from here, and shows the Prague Castle). After wondering around the town all day, we made it back to the Hostel about 20:00.

At the hostel there was a group of travelers getting ready to go out on a Pub Crawl. Neither me or Trevor had heard or been on a Pub Crawl before. The idea is that Travelers from all over (various hostels) all meet together at a specified location. Then they pay a local to get "free drinks" for the first hour and then to be taken to the cities best clubs. We found this to be a great way to meet people. About 10 people from our hostel went and we met up with about 50 other people. It was a pretty fun evening. Me and Marcelo (a guy from Brazil) didn’t get back until about 5:30 am.

After living up the night life in Prague, I woke up to go and see some more of the sites. Me and Trevor traveled to the other side of the river heading towards the Prague Castle. Along the way, there were a number of neat shops and amazing views. We crossed over Charles Bridge which was jam packed full of people, street vendors, artists, and musicians. On the other side of the Charles Bridge we found the greatest statue that we found (and we saw a lot). I guess it might be a little mature, so don’t play it if you are easily offended;

The Prague Castle is a castle in Prague where the Kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperors and presidents of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic have had their offices. The Czech Crown Jewels are kept here


We wondered up to the Prague Castle, which really was more of a old Cathedral. Positioned at the top of the hill just behind Prague, it gave a breath taking view of the old city. Standing in line wa go to hear some of the history of this building and about the Gargoyles that rest around the edge. After wondering around the Castle it was back to the Hostel to meet up with some people. We went out with some girls from Ireland… and had a pretty relaxed evening. The morning came too early and with that time to check out. Our bus leaves for Munich Germany at 23:55 and arrives at 05:30. hopefully we will be able to sleep on the bus. As for the rest of the day, I see us just spending time relaxing.

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