Atomic Throw Down Poster Designs

A while ago, I was doing quite a few poster designs for Natural Selection CrossFit (Facebook). I do really doing graphic design projects, although lately I feel I have been too busy to do much of it. This project took almost 20 hours to put together, and went through a number of iterations. When I was first talking to the client, they described wanting something Superbowlish because the event will be taking place on Superbowl Sunday, (you can sign up to participate). The following are the first three design concepts I had. I wasn't really too happy with any of them, and these are just quick mock ups and not final versions.

When I was originally asked to come up with a poster design, this is what I had in my head.  I'm assuming a part of it is because I'm really not much of a football fan.

Of the two football themed versions of the post I cam up with, this is the one I preferred.

This is the third version I created.  It was my least favorite and is the most unfinished of the concepts.  I threw it together and offered it as an option, after looking at a lot of Super Bowl posters with the idea that I could come back and improve the overall feel of this concept.

After going through putting these concept together, they had come up with a different design concept, one which I really liked and think turned out pretty awesome. Retro looking posters are pretty cool, and they talked about wanting to have a design like the old school Pee Chee's. You can see the 11x16 and the 8.5x11 versions of the posters. I even made a cover image to go along with their Facebook page.

This is the 11x16 Poster version.  You can check out a PDF version or the Adobe Illustrator File if you are interested.

This is the 8x5x11 Flyer version of the final Pee Chee design.  You can check out the PDF version or the Adobe Illustrator File if you are interested.

The final version of the Facebook Cover Page optimized by Cover Photo Size Helper.  You can also check out the Adobe Illustrator File if you are interested.

All in all it was a fun project.  I'd love to know what you guy's think about the designs.  I'm pretty satisfied with the final version.