Glad Mateo's Cute, Reasons to Not Be Ugly

A photo I took when I was living in Cusco Peru, asking "how's your facial symmetry?"

I used a photo of from Mateo's baby dedication to complete a Ana Faces Facial Beauty Analysis.  He got a 7.37 although I think he's much cuter than that.

Freakonomics recently had an episode of their podcast, Reasons to Not Be Ugly. The episode looks at beauty, and how it effects peoples lives from being a cute baby to working and marriage relationships in adulthood. It was pretty interesting.

It made me think about how fussy people are for Mateo. When I take him to the store and other public locations, people are always fussing over him and saying how cute he is. This helps me to justify my feelings and bias that Mateo is by far one of the cutest babies out there.

A photo I took when I was living in Cusco Peru, It's probably not the best photo I could choose to check my facial symmetry, but it made me laugh.  My score from Ana Faces Facial Beauty Analysis was a 3.13.

If you had previously asked me how to tell the attractiveness of an individual, I would not have guessed that facial symmetry would be a good way to identify attractiveness. I decided that I needed to have a more objective way of measuring both my and Mateo's attractiveness. For Mateo, he scored a 7.37 (although I would say he should be higher and I just didn't put the points accurately). It is still a good score, especially for somebody who still has a lot of growth to happen. I used, Ana face's Facial Beauty Analysis. I ended up uploading one of my pictures, but it did not turn out that I was nearly as cute as Mateo. I will say, that the photo I uploaded was a bit more joking and probably one that doesn't quite do me justice. I'm ok with my score of 3.13. I can rest assured that at least Mateo will not be discriminated against based on his looks.