Been So Long

This is a photo that I took from the alley way. I found out a couple of weeks after that this sign was still up after somebody rang out doorbell wanting to see the home.

Maybe I shouldn't feel too bad. Life has been hectic, and its been a long time since I've posted anything to here. My excuse is that it's because I purchased a home, no big deal right. It has been quite an experience and I'm a proud home owner now. I feel as if there are a million things that I've been thinking about posting on, but haven't. In this post I might overview some of them… But it is far too late tonight to go in depth with any topic.

I have been improving my Mac computing ability slowly and feel as if I know have a strong grip on the system and am absolutely loving it. Last thanksgiving I purchased a MacBook Pro. It has been amazing. My mom just got a new Mac and I've been teaching her how to use it.

Staying on the Mac theme, I've been listening to the amazing Podcast Mac Power Users. I've gone through almost a hundred of their sometimes 2 hour podcasts and I'm still not caught up. So much amazing information, it makes me feel like such the better nerd.

More than the looking for, negotiation (for sale by owner), and purchase of our home in Central Pasco… I've also been renovating some of it. I ripped out all of the living room carpet and refinished the hardwood floors. I've done some other projects to, some of which will likely end up in as DIY articles eventually.

I'm even doing a first ever complete post written from my iPad and is the first post I'm writing in Markdown. Maybe too many experiments at once, but I just really wanted to post something.


Jacob Campbell

Well, my name is Jacob. I'm super friendly and love meeting new people. So feel free to say hi. I don't generally just add somebody I don't know, so send me a message first. I love to travel. I've traveled around North and South America, Europe, and Africa. I also love to work with and help people. I graduated from Eastern with my Masters in Social Work. I hope that I can help people and the community with my life.