2012 Coalition Assessment Report Summary

Colin Powell (n.d.) is cited as stating, "Bad news isn’t wine. It doesn’t improve with age." This is a very true statement. No matter how old you get, it never seems that negative feedback never seems to get easier to stomach. While this may be true, it is also true when we learn our strengths and our weaknesses, we can get better and that should be good news for all of us. The 2012 coalition assessment survey that was collected for the Pasco Discovery Coalition (PDC) and other coalitions statewide seems to show a negative outlook for the organization, but it can also be viewed as a wakeup call to what needs to be improved. Generally and rudimental the results of the 2012 Annual Coalition Survey are reported.

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Types of Study Designs

Looking at a studies design helps to determine internal validity and causality of said study. It explains simply what you did and to whom you did it.The design of the study looks at the number of groups and measurements, the independent and dependent variables, and whether the sample was randomly assigned.

The researcher can enhance internal validity by having a comparison group and a control group. Furthermore, randomly selecting and assigning participants can increase internal validity and reduce selection bias.


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Levels of Leadership

I work with at-risk youth and their families at a short-term care facility. Most of the major issues that come up, especially during family sessions, are those relating to how people deal with other people. I would imagine this phenomenon of people-to-people issues is transferable to the rest of the earth’s population. My pastor one time commented that life would be a lot easier if it was not for all the people. Leadership and our interactions with other people and ideas are always interrelated.

Most people do not recognize all the leadership opportunities in their lives, or even view themselves as a leader. Each and everybody person is a leader to a degree, and can improve their skills at leading. If dealing with other people is one of the major issues of the human race and it can often be defined by leadership, then it makes the topic of leadership a paramount one that everybody ought to examine.

My leadership philosophy has three levels. Those levels are introspective, interpersonal, and Intrapersonal. The introspective deals with how we deal with ourselves and includes evaluating our own paradigms and being a purposeful leader. The major underlying paradigm is that leadership deals with influence. The interpersonal level deals with who we deal with other people. This level includes leadership/people skills, being a balanced leader, and people development. Finally the Intrapersonal level deals with people being interdependent and is really more of an outlook on life. The this outlook on life is that of being a servant leader.


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The Economy and Social Work

With the worldwide, national, state, and local economies facing an economic downturn, it is important to examine its effects on social service agencies and social work. The active policy of how economic downturns effect social service agencies is examined though a number of modalities. When looking at these types of policies the affected populations must be described. The historical, worldwide, national, and statewide perspectives provide context and understanding of the problem. A policy analysis matrix is also utilized to give a more concrete description of the crisis.

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