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This week is all about the your theoretical frameworks. Make sure to check out the slides for the presentation. I started to go though and do some of the grading for the introductions but ran out of time. I don’t think we will go over all of the slides that I created, but I spent a lot of time putting together the slides on some of the theories. My hope is that it will be beneficial to have information on so many theories, who are some of the theorist, etc as you are diving into looking for theories and paradigms to write about in your theoretical framework section. If you are interested in an example of how you can see an example Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Developing a Case for Prevention, where I discuss Strengths Perspective, Ecological Perspective, and Piaget Theory of Cognitive Development as it relates to research I completed regarding FASD. The writing is exactly the example that we are doing, but it can give some ideas.

To be prepared for class, you should complete the weekly reading prior to class this week. Don’t forget to complete the reading quiz found on the MyHeritage class forum. This week the reading is:

During class, the following are topics that we will be covering:

The presentation slides can be viewed through Notist on my website, where you can download them and follow along during class.

View Week 04 - Theoretical Frameworks - What is behind the research that we complete.

This week, the following assignments are due: