Curriculum Vitae

As a generalist social worker, I have been trained to work in diverse areas of practice along with varied populations. I work to help individuals, groups, and systems to transform through appropriate assessment and cooperative planning.

Professional Connections

  • Social Worker for the Pasco School District
  • Graduated with MSW from Eastern Washington University
  • Adjunct Faculty Member at Heritage University
  • Transformative Studies Doctoral Student at California Institute of Integral Studies

Employment History

Pasco School District

School Program Social Worker
(Aug 2014—Current Leave)

At the Pasco School District, I was originally hired as a mental health therapist, and the program intended the newly created role to be a direct mental health service provider. Through a collaborative process including the assistant director of special services, a program consultant, and myself we determined this role to be secondary to brokering resources for students and their families, and coordinating and collaborating with the youth’s collateral contacts. The students who are placed in the Bridges Program, all receive special education services and have had severe problems related to behavioral difficulties while at school.

  • Development of a new role within the school district, which previously never had any social workers.
  • Assisting students and parents in connecting with various community organizations and understanding the services that are available to them
  • Development of a program-wide handbook in collaboration with various teachers involved in the Bridges Program
  • Community organization presentations to develop improved relationships and coordination between these community services and school special services departments.
  • Training and certification for staff needing non-violent crisis response techniques using CPI
  • Field placement supervisor for social work practicum students placed in the Pasco School District
  • Planning, coordination, and implementation of Review360, a data collection and report generating software used to track student behavior and give staff the tools to be able to make improve data-driven decision practices
  • Collection of information and participation in a Participatory Evaluation and Expert Review for Programs Serving Students with EBD (PEER-EBD)
  • Working with parents who have both with English and Spanish as their primary language
  • Participation in multidisciplinary team meetings, individualized educational plan (IEP) meetings, WISe, and general wraparound meetings
  • Team-oriented approach for working with parents and children and planning for difficult cases
  • Facilitation of staff training and team meetings
  • Documentation

Heritage University

Adjunct Faculty Member
Aug 2013–-Current

At Heritage University, I was hired as an adjunct faculty member. I started by working with the university’s School of Social Work to develop a course tailored to teaching skills related to case management. At the university I have been teaching the following courses: Theories of Practice I \& II, Social Policy I, and Case Management. I have also designed and implemented a course, Working with Special Needs Population.

  • Development of course syllabus and content for new courses in case management and working with special needs population.
  • Facilitation of course instruction for various courses using different pedagogies (online, in class, group discussion, lecture, role-play, assignments, etc.)
  • Collaboration with the social work department faculty and staff in meeting the Council for Social Work Education accreditation requirements
  • Cooperatively working with faculty members at different campuses to align courses across various sites
  • Creation of various grading rubrics

Tri-Cities Community Health: Behavioral Health Services (TCCH BHS)

Mental Health Therapist & Case Manager
Nov 2010–-Aug 2014

At the TCCH BHS, I worked as both a mental health therapist and a mental health case manager. As a therapist, I focused on working with adolescents involved in the juvenile justice system. I would complete mental health evaluations, most often while they are incarcerated. If applicable I would diagnosis, assess for the youth’s meeting of access to care, and assign the teen to the appropriate provider. As a case manager, I worked with a wide range of cultural populations, stages of development, and levels of chronicity and mental health concerns. These included persons of various minority and mainstream populations. I’ve had persons who are young children to those who have geriatric services. Their needs ranged from behavioral concerns, needs as described on the Axis IV of the DSM IV-TR, or psychoeducational needs regarding mental health. My positions also have afforded me the ability to connect with various community organizations.

  • Assisting clients in connecting with various community organizations and understanding the services that are available to them
  • Individual and family counseling implementing cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused brief therapy, and motivational interviewing
  • Utilization of client voice and desires in the creation of therapeutic treatment plans
  • Working with a caseload of clients both with English and Spanish as their primary language [also with other languages employing translation services]
  • Supervision received from minority mental health specialist consultants and training on developing and delivering a culturally competent system of care
  • Participation in multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Team-oriented approach for working with clients and planning for difficult cases
  • Facilitation of staff training
  • Documentation

Safe Harbor Family Support Center

Group Facilitator
Sep 2010–-Aug 2012

Over the years I have taken on a number of positions and projects at Safe Harbor Crisis Nursery. The most recent paid position I have had is a group facilitator for adolescents who have experienced traumatic experiences called the Dragon Slayers Support Group.

  • Creation of a group curriculum. The Dragon Slayer Support Group is a twelve-week program which takes aspects of various evidence-based curricula and puts them together to fit the needs of the youth serviced at SHCN
  • Intake assessments for youth and families participating in the Dragon Slayer’s Support Group
  • Implementation of pre-test / post-test evaluations of each group session
  • Facilitation with a co-facilitator of the group material
  • Referrals for other agencies and needs of the family

Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad del Cusco (UNSAAC)

English Professor
Dec 2009–July 2010

In the Language Center of UNSAAC I worked as an English professor teaching various English courses for various levels of students.

  • Preparing and implementing effective courses to enhance students learning
  • Helping plan future curriculum for the intermediate courses and inclusion of new learning material

YFA Connections, Crisis Residential Center (CRC)

Support Staff / Practicum Student / Shift Leader
Mar 2008–Sep 2009

The CRC works with youth who are homeless and runaway teenagers along with their families. All of these families are currently experiencing various crises in their lives in Spokane County.

  • Shift leader: deescalating volatile situations, assigning duties to other staff, and managing especially difficult cases
  • Advocating within governmental organizations to aid clients
  • Individual, group, and family counseling
  • Participation in multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Facilitation of staff training
  • Team planning for difficult cases
  • Completion of a research project and applying for grants
  • Designing new therapeutic groups
  • Creation of a database for keeping client files current
  • Documentation

Spokane County Juvenile Correction Facility

Aggression Replacement Training (ART) Facilitator
Jun 2008–Jul 2008

ART is an evidence-based program often implemented to work with adolescent criminal offenders. It works on thought process cognitive skills through a group educational format. The areas of focus are teaching anger replacement skills, implementing the anger control chain, and moral reasoning.

  • Planning and facilitation of group therapy with a focus on behavior modification
  • Following an evidence-based model program with a high success rate

J. Ethan Construction

Jun 2007–Nov 2007

J. Ethan Construction is a construction company in Spokane Washington that performs remodels and new residential construction.

Jubilee Leadership Academy

Residential Advisor / Shift Leader
Aug 2004–Sep 2006

Jubilee is a behavior modification oriented boarding school for at-risk teens in Prescott Washington. The facility includes a school, a vocational training program, and a residential program.

  • Shift leader: deescalating volatile situations, assigning duties to other staff, managing especially difficult cases, and completion of all paperwork and documentation
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Working with the clients to create detailed goal plans, and following up and aiding in goal completion
  • Maintaining support and contact with the parents
  • Establishment of a behavior modification program called the merit store
  • Formation of a new program allowing the youth to participate in community service

Speaking Engagements, Publications, & Courses Taught

Courses Taught

As an adjunct faculty member for Heritage University, I have taught a number of courses for their School of Social Work and Psychology Departments.

Case Management

Heritage University School of Social Work & Department of Psychology
SOWK 390, 304 & PSY 224

Taught Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2017 – Case management was the first course that I taught at the university level in the united states. It started out as a pilot course online, and then subsequently was moved to in person. Later the course was taken into Heritage Universities Psychology Department and taught in conjunction with the School of Social Work as an elective course.

Theories of Practice I

Heritage University School of Social Work

Taught Fall 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 – Theories of Practice I is a core class in the BASW curriculum. It is an in-person class focused on teaching students skills and theories for working with individuals at the micro level.

Theories of Practice II}

Heritage University School of Social Work
SOWK 487

Taught Spring 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 – Theories of Practice II is a core class in the BASW curriculum. It is an in-person class focused on teaching students skills and theories for working with groups at the mezzo level.

Social Policy I

Heritage University School of Social Work
SOWK 316

Taught Fall 2015 and 2016 – Social Policy I is a core class in the BASW curriculum. It is an in-person class focused on teaching students regarding general components of social policy practice.

Social Sciences Research Methods

Heritage University School of Social Work
SOWK 459

Taught Fall 2019 – Social Sciences Research Methods is a core course in the BASW curriculum. It is an in-person course designed to teach students skills and knowledge regarding research methods.

Working with Special Needs Populations

Heritage University School of Social Work
SOWK 322

Taught Spring 2017 and 2018 – Working with Special Needs Populations is an elective course in the BASW curriculum. It is an online course that I developed and first proposed in regards to teaching students about various categories of special needs and best practices in working with them.

##Speaking Engagements

I am a frequent presenter for staff development and training for parents as a part of my responsibilities for the Pasco School District. The following are conference presentations I have completed.

  • Campbell, J. (2015, Jan). “Access to Services: Information in General Around Community Resources. Presented at the 2015 Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee Conference, Pasco, WA.
  • Campbell, J. (2015, Apr). “Interacting in the Digital Age: Social Media and Your Coalition.” Presented at the 2015 Eastern Washington CPWI Sector Summit in Kennewick, WA.
  • Campbell, J. (2016, Jan). “Help, My Child Has Behavioral Concerns: Ideas for Parents on How to Hemp with Behavior.” Presented at the 2016 Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee Conference, Pasco, WA.
  • Campbell, J. (2017, Apr). “Bringing Focus: Making Your Data Match Your Strategies!” Presented at the 2017 Eastern Washington CPWI Sector Summit in Pasco, WA.
  • Campbell, J. (2017, Apr). “Gaining Perspective: How to Make Looking at Data Useful to You!” Presented at the 2017 Eastern Washington CPWI Sector Summit in Pasco, WA.
  • Campbell, J. (2019, May). “Supporting Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities: Foundational Aspects of Evidence-Based Classrooms.” Presented at the OSPI’s 2019 Student Support Conference: Better Together - Collaboration, Coordination, Compassion in Wenatchee, WA.

Research, Training, and Special Events

Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth 10-14

Certified Facilitator
June 2019–Current

I have been trained to facilitate parenting courses in the evidence-based parenting program, Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth 10-14 developed by the University of Iowa. It is a family-centered prevention program designed to engage both caregivers and youth in learning new skills.

Guiding Good Choices Facilitator

Certified Facilitator
Aug 2015–Current

I have been trained to facilitate parenting courses in the evidence-based parenting program, Guiding Good Choices. It is a science-based, ATOD-prevention program that gives parents the skills they need to ensure the future well-being of their children.

Council for Children

Coalition Member
Sept 2015–May 2018

The Council for Children was a community coalition that is focused on reducing child abuse and neglect in the Tri-Cities through prevention efforts and training for parents and workers around the negative effect of trauma. They have since disbanded.

Life Space Crisis Intervention

Training Participant
Jul 2015

Life Space Crisis Intervention is a therapeutic, verbal strategy for turning crisis situations into learning opportunities for children and youth with chronic patterns of self-defeating behaviors. I completed the training regarding this intervention.

Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Non-violent Crisis Intervention

Certified Trainer
Oct 2014–Current

As a part of my duties as for the Pasco School District, I train and certify district staff multiple times per year in CPI Non-violent Crisis Intervention. This provides staff information on how to intervene with another person to address behavior that may escalate into a disruptive or even violent incident. This certification requires participation in regular professional development to keep from facilitator drift.

Why Try Facilitator

Training Participant
Sep 2014

I have completed the training to be able to facilitate The WhyTry Program. It is a resilience education curriculum that provides simple, hands-on solutions for dropout prevention, violence prevention, truancy reduction, and increased academic success.

Pasco Discovery Coalition

Former Chair
Feb 2012–Current

The Pasco Discovery Coalition is CPWI community coalition made up of community members who work together collaboratively to create and sustain a healthy, safe, alcohol and drug-free community through the transformation of attitudes and norms. I have taken on a number of roles over the years including the chair of the coalition for two years.

Master’s Degree Terminal Research Project

Lead Researcher
Jan 2009–Aug 2009

With a group of other graduate students, we planned and implemented an effectiveness study of the aforementioned CRC. This research project had three components: a review of archival data from client files, surveys to both clients and their parents and finally in-depth interviews. The data was all compiled and analyzed using SPSS and discussed in a research paper.

International Social Work Course in Lima Peru

Class Member
Apr 2009

A group of students from Eastern Washington University participated in a hands-on class in Lima Peru. During the course we spent time working at an orphanage, participating in home visits, and discussing the various components of practicing international social work.

First Aid Certification Class

Oct 2008–Current

I have completed and complete on an ongoing basis training in First Aid.

Aggression Replacement Training (ART) Facilitator Training Course

Certified Facilitator
Jan 2008–Current

I am a certified facilitator for ART, which is a cognitive behavioral intervention for reduction of aggressive and violent behavior, originally focused on adolescents.

Northwest Collegiate Ministries Leadership Conference

Nov 2007

I organized and facilitated a campus-wide leadership conference at Eastern Washington University. This included planning, finding speakers, the creation of an advertising campaign, connecting with local organizations for funding and support, and being the masters of ceremonies.


  • Columbian Basin College (Sep 2004–June 2006)Associate of Arts (AA)
  • _ Eastern Washington University (Sep 2006–Jun 2008)_ – Bachelors of Social Work (BASW) from the School of Social Work
  • Eastern Washington University (Aug 2008–June 2009)Masters of Social Work (MSW) from the School of Social Work
  • California Institute of Integral Studies (Aug 2019–Current)Doctoral Student in Transformative Studies (PhD) from the Center for Consciousness Studies

Professional Qualifications


  • Facilitate groups, inform using psychoeducational techniques, manage a university classroom, and other skills associated with teaching
  • Collaborate with peers \& quickly pick up new skills
  • Work with at-risk youth, facilitate groups, and family counseling
  • Plan & organize large events and various group curriculum
  • Utilizing the counseling techniques of motivational interviewing \& solution-focused brief therapy
  • Utilize the DSM-5 to diagnose mental health issues
  • Speaking Spanish at an intermediate level


  • Jan 2008 – Aggression Replacement Training (ART) Certified Washington State Facilitator
  • Jul 2014 – Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) Certified
  • Aug 2015 – Guiding Good Choices (GGC) Certified Facilitator
  • Oct 2015 – Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Certified Trainer
  • Dec 2018 – Certificate of College Teaching and Learning for Hispanic Serving Institutions
  • May 2019 – Licensed Independent Clinical Social Work (LICSW)
  • Jun 2019 – Strengthening Families Program (SFP) for Parents and Youth 10-14 Certified Instructor

Computer Skills

  • Operate Microsoft Office [Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook] with proficiency
  • General computer literacy
  • Graphic and web design

Professional Memberships

  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW) - (Jan 2009–Current) Member of the NASW in the United States
  • Washington State Association of School Social Workers (WSASSW) - (September 2018–Current) Member of the WSASSW in the United States