SOWK 486 Class Header

I hope that you are all excited for our second week of class. I am, it should be a great set of topics for the week. I am just getting back from my trip to California. It was a great experience, and I really feel energized (and maybe a bit overwhelmed) for this semester and for the program I am starting.

To be prepared for class, you should complete the weekly reading prior to class this week. Because we are just reading journal articles, there is no reading quiz this week. I haven’t uploaded the articles, but the reference list entries are below (you should be able to find them pretty readily on the school library search). This week the reading is:

Green, D., & McDermott, F. (2010). Social work from inside and between complex systems: Perspectives on person-in-environment for today’s social work. British Journal of Social Work, 40(8), 2414–2430. doi: 10.1093/bjsw/bcq056

De Jonge, P., & Miller, S. D. (1995). How to interview for client’s strengths. Social Work, 40(6), 729–736.

We won’t be specifically reviewing the articles in class, but I think they will both give you some insight into journal articles as well as some of the topics we will be discussing.

During class, the following are topics that we will be covering:

The presentation slides can be viewed on Notist, where you can download them and follow along during class.

View Week 02 - Theories & Perspectives on Notist.

You can also find the slides from last week’s class:

View Week 01 - Theories of Practice I - Course Introduction on Notist.

If you haven’t downloaded the course syllabus, you can also do that.