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I’m looking forward to us having a great week this week. It should be in good class session. I hope you all have had a great weekend.

Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

The focus of week six for SOWK 486 is on communication skill/s. There are many what Hepworth et al. (2017) term as discrete verbal following skills. Rogers (1957), who developed the concept of person-centered counseling, described what he called the facilitative condition. This includes empathy, unconditional positive regard, and congruence. He proposed that when clinicians can maintain these aspects, they are able to support and help promote positive changes in their clients. The plan for today is to talk about the core skills that help clinicians be able to help their clients. The agenda is as follows:

Unit Resources

Last week we talked about cultural humility. I think this 30-minute documentation is a great video and would recommend you take the opportunity to watch and consider it. Cultural Humility

You can find all of the presentations that I’ve done at The slides for this week, Week 06 - Communication Skills

View Week 06 - Communication Skills.

Unit Assignments

A–01: Synchronous Class Participation**

Attend weekly zoom session 🤓

A–03: Reading Quiz

Do the reading quiz before class on Monday. Chapters five and six this week. Please don’t stress too much about these. Maybe connect with people in the class to do it together, read the questions before doing the reading… etc. It will be alright and all have this.

A–02: Asynchronous Class Engagement** Communication Skills Teach-Back Video Post

OK, Please note, I am CHANGING THE DUE DATES FOR THIS. I was thinking about all of you and the work that you need to do. In thinking about this assignment, I wanted to give you more time to do this assignment. You have a second week. Next week (e.g., Week 07), you will still have a FlipGrid video to put together. That is not changing, just this week’s teach-back video project is. You get a second week to work on it. Have fun with this activity; it should be exciting and fun.

During class on Monday, we will pick which discrete verbal following skill each group member is getting and assign you all into groups.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment to have students learn about discrete verbal following skills and increase their learning by having to teach their peers about the skill.

Task: Students will be broken up into five groups. Each group will be assigned one of the following verbal following skill described by Hepworth et al. (2017):

  1. Furthering responses
  2. Reflection responses
  3. Open and Closed-ended responses
  4. Seeking concreteness
  5. Providing and maintaining focus
  6. Summarizing

Over the next two weeks, they will consider what the textbook has regarding that skills, look into other similar skills, and discuss literature or pop psychology. They will work together to create a presentation that is about 10 minutes in length to share with the class by posting in the discussion forums. The goal of the presentation is to teach your classmate about the skill. This might include creating and showing a presentation, doing a role-play activity, having a “roundtable group discussion” about the topic. Any format for your video presentation is acceptable.

The forum is not located in Week 06’s page, but in Week 07, when you are completing it. Only one group member needs to make a post, but the post must have all of the necessary information. The post should include The title of your presentation, are the members of your group, a brief description of your presentation, a link to the video that can be watched by your classmates, and links to any other information that might be relevant (e.g., maybe your presentation slides, or some of the references you used).

Your actual presentation can be done in any way desired by the group. Probably the easiest way is to hold a zoom call with your group members, facilitate the teach-back activity, and share the link to that call. Pan Opto is another tool that students have access to that can be used.

This next week, you should be working with your group and doing some planning. I’m available to help talk further about your topic and give some ideas. If that is something your group (or some of the members of your group are interested in), reach out to me to schedule a talk (we can all do a zoom meeting / FaceTime call) and spend some time talking through it. I’m also willing to help you troubleshoot how to do some of the technical parts.

Criteria for Success: Students will present a video teaching a discrete verbal following skill that is between 10 and 15 minutes in length.

To Do Lists