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Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

Planning is an important part of the process for working with clients. Like the old adage goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” There is a lot we can do to help our clients plan, and even the process of teaching them to plan can have positive longterm impacts. Today we are going to spend time looking at goals, cognitive distortions, and practice going through an eight step process for planning.

Unit Resources

This week I would like you all to watch a 17 minute TEDx talk from Dr. Burns in 2014 titled Feeling Good. It is about his journey of deciding to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques.

The slides for week 10 can found on This weeks presentation is at SOWK 486 Week 10: Planning

View SOWK 486 Week 10 - Planning in Generalist Practice.

The slides for last week is at SOWK 486 Week 09: Assessments Continued

View SOWK 486 Week 09: Assessments Continued.

All of the lectures can from class can be found in Lectures, and this week can be seen at WK 486 Week 09 - Assessments Part 2

Unit Assignments

A-01: Synchronous Class Engagement

Attend class

A–02: Asynchronous Class Engagement - How I plan Flipgrid

The FlipGrid activity, W-10 “How I Plan” is due Sunday 11/01/20 at 11:55 PM via flipgrid .

Purpose: To offer the opportunity for students to share and hear from their peers about ways that they do planning. This is to both have the conceptualize their own process and gain some new ideas in planning.

Task: Students will record a short video via flipgrid that talks about how they think about planning. The following are some potential prompts. It is not required to talk about all of these, but meant to provide a jumping off point:

Criterion for Success: Students will offer a discussion about their methods for planning and watch other students videos.

A–03: Reading Quiz

Complete reading quiz for chapters 12 and 13 is due at 5:30 PM before class via My Heritage

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