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Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

This week is a guest presentation from Judy Dirks about compassion.

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Unit Assignments

A-01: Synchronous Class Engagement

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A–02: Asynchronous Class Engagement - Being the best social worker

Purpose: Students are to reflect on what they can do to be the best social worker they can.

Task: Students will record a short FlipGrid video talking about what they see as what they want to do to be the best social worker they can. The following are potential prompts:

Criterion for Success: Students will be able to show themselves as self-reflective and authentic in considering what they need to do to be the best social worker they can.

You can find it online at W-13 “Being the best social worker”

Assignment 05a: Interviewing Skills Video Role-Play

You can find the Forum on the sidebar, connected to the assignments page or directly

Remember, each one of you have to spend about 10 minutes being the interviewer, then debrief. If you videos are separated, you can each post the video that has you being the interviewer. If your videos are combined (e.g., both you you being the interviewer are on the same link, just one of you have to post.

MetaPoints 100 pts (20% of student’s final grade); Deadline Friday 11/13/20 11/20/20 by 11:55 PM; Submission Student’s will post a forum that can be found in the assignments of MyHeritage.

Purpose: The Interviewing Skills Video Role-Play supports students in confirming acquisition of interviewing skills (application of person in the environment, empathetic responding, reflective responding, and other interpersonal skills).

Task: Students will work with a partner to record a 10 to 15-minute interview with a partner. The interview should be of an initial meeting with a social worker and a fictional client. Students have the freedom to develop their own setting for the interview. This assignment is designed to offer the student the opportunity to demonstrate competency six, which is “engage with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities” (CSWE, 2015, p. 8). The following is the language used in education and policy standards for the CSWE (2015):

Social workers understand that engagement is an ongoing component of the dynamic and interactive process of social work practice with and on behalf of diverse individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Social workers value the importance of human relationships. Social workers understand theories of human behavior and the social environment, and critically evaluate and apply this knowledge to facilitate engagement with clients and constituencies, including individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Social workers understand strategies to engage diverse clients and constituencies to advance practice effectiveness.

Apply knowledge of human behavior and the social environment, person-in-environment, and other multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks to engage with clients and constituents.

Use empathy, reflection, and interpersonal skills to effectively engage diverse clients and constituencies (pp 8–9).

The following are the instructions for this assignment:

Students will record a 10 to 15-minute role-play with a classmate. There are two general formats students can complete this activity with. To complete this in-person, students would use a tripod or stable surface to record the role-play or for a distance version students would use zoom or another online meeting service to record a role-play.

Criteria for Success: Each student will submit a video of themselves that demonstrates their use of interviewing skills. Grades will be based on the Practice Behaviors Rubric which evaluates students based on assess the CSWE competency six and the Engagement and Micro Skills Role-Play Rubric which evaluates students regarding the actual role-play video looking at content, organization, and skills. Feedback from the instructor will be completed by no later than Sunday 12/06/20.

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