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I hope you are all doing well. I’ve been a bit behind in sending out these updates, but here is last week and for this week coming up. I was able to go through and give feedback on your logic models. Please look at the comments I made in the forum. Everybody got good grades on the assignments, but some of the structor or content will have to be changed to be successful in the final paper.

I did not have a reading quiz for this week. I wasn’t able to create it soon enough to feel like it was acceptable to have it be an assignment. You should do the reading, I assume knowledge of the topics in the group work we will be doing. Remember, we pushed out our group work plans (you can find the forum in the Week 07 Forum, remember I gave you more time so it is that last week section). In class we talked about it being due on Friday and I figured I could give you all until next Sunday to submit it (e.g. 03/08/2020).You can also find the Program Evaluation Work Form in week seven’s section of My Heritage.

To be prepared for class, you should complete the weekly reading prior to class this week. Don’t forget to complete the reading quiz found on the MyHeritage class forum. This week the reading is:

During class, the following are topics that we will be covering:

The presentation slides can be viewed through Notist on my website, where you can download them and follow along during class.

View Week 08 - Program Evaluation Group Designs and Methods.

You can also see last weeks presentation:

View Week 07 - Program Evaluation Design and Planning.