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I hope that you are all having a wonderful long weekend. Sorry to get this out to you later this week. I know there are a lot of forum options available… just remember you don’t have to post in all of them (just read your fellow peer’s posts).

Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

Week three, we are continuing to examine social work history and also looking to gain insight into options for careers in social work. You are doing a great job so far in the course. We’re going to continue with outside videos for the week. I have a short lecture video as well for you to watch.

Week Three Objectives

Unit Assignments


A–01: Asynchronous Participation and Engagement

In the week three discussion forums, many posts are available for students. There are 11 different forums discussing specific social workers and occupational profiles. There is a twelfth forum for students to post regarding the lecture and Mr. Beat videos. Students are not required to make replies in all of the forums. However, students should read at least two of the occupational profiles. They are to make a minimum of three replies across any of the forums. The replies can either be to the questions posed in each of the forums or your peer’s posts. Even though you don’t have to make replies in all forums, the expectation is that you will read through the discussion. Each of the forums are as follows:

Unit Resources

The website for the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is a wealth of information. Students can consider membership with the NASW, but all of the resources used this week are offered free by our professional network. I am a member of the NASW and the Washington State School Social Workers Association.

This week, there are many forums that students are able to post in. The NASW provides various Social Work Specialty Occupational Profiles. Each areas of practice and their profiles have been added to their own forum. Students will only be required read two of the profiles. If you want to look more into these areas of practice, the NASW provides in-depth information and even specialty resources for members who join special practice sections.

The Following are all of the listed occupational profiles:

You are also encouraged to review the Occupational Outlook Handbook for Social Workers at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This week there is a short video by Mr. Beat (2020) regarding Jane Addams that you are to watch. 

I posted a lecture video, Fall 2022 SOWK 430 Week 03 Lecture Video - Settlement Houses and a Week Overview. Please watch it. During the video I share a recommendation for students interested in school social work or working with youth to consider finding a position as a para educator or something similar in schools to see what schools are like. There is a position open in my classroom if people are interested Paraeducator - Special Services Bridges Classroom.


Mr. Beat. (2020). How Jane Addams changed the world [Video]. YouTube.

To-Do List