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I hope that you are all well. I’m excited to see people engage in the content this week. You guys have been doing a great job. Just make sure you post at least one of your replies mid-week.

Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

In Week 4, we are finishing our discussion of the history of social work. There is much more to the story of the origins of this profession, but I hope you have a better understanding of its foundations. One thing I want to make sure we cover before we move on is the Orphan Train experience.

Week 4 Objectives:

Unit Assignments


A–01: Asynchronous Participation and Engagement

In the week four discussion forums, there are four available forums to post in. Students are to make at least three replies across any of the four forums. The replies can either be to the questions posed in each of the forums or your peer’s posts. Even though you don’t have to make replies in all forums, the expectation is that you will read through the discussion. Make sure to have at least one of your replies done by mid-week to show engagement. Each of the forums are as follows:

Unit Resources

My lecture video SOWK 430 Fall 2022 Week 04 - My Experience in Peru talks about the forums for the week and some of my experiences participating in an international social work class at EWU.

In the forum Social Services in History, Vantage of The Orphan Trains, I ask you to watch an episode of Consider This with Christine Zak Edmonds (2021) S01 E01: Jim Kidder and Clark Kidder The Orphan Train

I also share some of my travel blog entries from when I was in Peru, Peruvian Spring Break 2009. As well, there is a journal article from Cook (1995).

There are three forums focused on the evolution of the code of ethics for the NASW. They are as follows:

The following are the various readings linked in those forums: Reamer (1998), Reamer (2014), Barsky (2017), Barsky (2021).

I also encourage you to browse through and make yourself familiar with the current NASW Code of Ethics or with highlighted revisions. If you would prefer a printed version of the NASW Code of Ethics, the NASW Press sells it for $6.99. It is also in the textbook for this class.


Barsky, A. (2017) Ethics alive! The 2017 NASW code of ethics: What’s new? The New Social Worker.

Barsky, A. (2021) Ethics Alive: Special report on the 2021 revisions to the NASW code of ethics. The New Social Worker.

Consider This with Christine Zak Edmonds. (2021). S01 E01: Jim Kidder and Clark Kidder The Orphan Train [Video]. Public Broadcasting Service; WTVP Public Media for Central Illinois.

National Association of Social Workers. (2021a). NASW code of ethics.

National Association of Social Workers. (2021b) Highlighted revisions to the code of ethics.

Reamer, F. G. (1998). The evolution of social work ethics. Social Work, 43(6), 488-500.

Reamer, F. G. (2014). The evolution of social work ethics.

To-Do List