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Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

We are getting close to the end of the semester. This week, we are discussing supervision. Our learning objectives for week 13 week are:

Unit Assignments


A–01: Asynchronous Participation and Engagement

For week 13, you must create at least two replies in the forums and post a video to the Flip video discussion forum.

Unit Resources

You can watch all of the lecture videos for this class. Please watch and complete the embedded quiz at Fall 2022 SOWK 430 Week 13 - Supervision

You can find all the presentations I do on my website, Fall 2022 SOWK 430 Week 13 - Supervision

View Fall 2022 SOWK 430 Week 13 - Supervision.

Another great social work focused podcast is In Social Work, from the University of Buffalo. This episode isn’t on the current iteration of their podcast, and is actually from when they called their show “Living Proof.” I had thought they weren’t active anymore, but their feed changed about a year ago. You can scroll through their archives and see a number of great episodes. This episode only available on their website. You should check out the current iteration of the podcast and subscribe if you are interested. You can find it on Apple Podcast App or the Google Podcast App. The episode I’m having you listen to this week was published in 2008 by Sobota, which is titled “Episode 5 - Dr. Lawrence Shulman: Models of Supervision: Parallel Processes and Honest Relationships.”


Barsky, A. E. (2013). Ethics Alive! Ethical concerns in social work field supervision. The New Social Worker.

Ketner, M., Cooper-Bolinskey, D., & VanCleave, D. (2017). The meaning and value of supervision in social work field education. Field Educator: Boston, 7(2), 1-18.

Sobota, P. (2008, October 20) Episode 5 - Dr. Lawrence Shulman: Models of supervision: Parallel processes and honest relationships [Audio Podcast Episode]. In Social Work.

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