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Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

Week four is a continuation of laying the groundwork for this course. It is focused on providing an overview of the helping process. The Hepworth et al. (2022) text formats the helping process into three phases.

During the session, we will be examining an overview of considerations we should have in each of the phases. We will also be looking at how we set the environment with our clients and what the interviewing process looks like. Finally, we will spend some time discussing some potential ethical dilemmas. The agenda is:

Unit Assignments

Attend class and complete the reading quiz

Unit Resources

In talking about rapport and connection with clients, we review Leach (2015) to understand some of the strategies and behaviors that improve client trust. You can read the paper:

I publish all of the presentations for this course at This weeks presentation, Fall 2022 SOWK 486w Week 04 - Overview of the Helping Process

View Fall 2022 SOWK 486w Week 04 - Overview of the Helping Process.


Hepworth, D. H., Vang, P. D., Blakey, J. M., Schwalbe, C., & Evans, C. (2022). Empowerment Series: Direct Social Work Practice Theory and Skills (11th ed.). Cengage Learning, Inc.

Leach, M. J. (2005). Rapport: A key to treatment success. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 11(4), 262–265.

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