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Why hello everybody. I hope that everybody is doing well. I hope that you have been enjoying the first week of SOWK 322. You still have the rest of today and tomorrow to finish up you assignments and work for week 01. I am going to try to send out my emails about the course earlier then I usually do so that you can work on it on both the weekend before and the weekend after if you need.

I have really been enjoying reading the forums so far, and getting to “meet” you all digitally.

Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn:

Things are getting started for SOWK 322. This week’s readings are around a historical perspective of advocacy and creating change for persons who experience disabilities. I’ve made the assignments for who is doing which group, and you will get an opportunity to connect with your group members. The following are your learning objectives this week:

Unit Resources

I created a video a couple of years ago talking about different types of policy advocacy as it relates to working with persons with special needs. You can watch Working with Vulnerable Populations, a Rationale for Social Work Policy Practice

Unit Assignments


Assignment 01: Asynchronous Participation and Engagement

Chapter 2 Discussion Prompts offers four different ideas to help write and connect your thoughts about the textbook. Choose one of these, or if you have another topic or aspect you want to address feel free to put it in this forum. You engage in dialog with your peers about their responses. Please include at least two replies in this section.

History of Persons with Disabilities explains that there are four general periods of history that your textbook groups together in considering persons with disabilities. Students should choose at least one period of history and there is a list of aspects of that period that students can write about.

Assignment 03: Disability Population Group Presentation

I have assigned everybody to be in different groups. In assigning all of you to groups, I decided I wanted to make a short video of me doing it just for fun. I used an dice rolling app, Dice by PCalc, to randomly select which group numbers had which topic. Then I used a web tool, Picker Wheel, to randomly assign you to groups. If you are interested in the video, you can watch it - Week 02 - Bonus Video - Picking Teams for Group Project. If you haven’t watched the video about the syllabus Week 01 - Course Introduction and Syllabus, when I originally shared it some people had trouble. I have made the link unlisted, but open to anybody that has the link now so hopefully people don’t have as much trouble accessing it. I will try to remember to do this each time. If you ever aren’t able to access any of the video links that I send, you can also go to the lecture video’s tab in our class and they are all there as well. The way the university connects to PanOpto requires that you sign in by going to that course page (and having cookies enabled) and then it logs you in to see all of the videos.

While it is the same information that is in the syllabus, there is a handout - Assignment 03: Disability Population Group Presentation Description. I have also created a document lists the Group Assignments for Assignment 03: Disability Population Group Presentation. If you have Questions about Assignment 03: Disability Population Group Presentation, is a forum you can post any questions/comments/feedback.

The forums for each group are:

To Do List: