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Sorry to get this out to everybody a little bit later then I would really like to, but I hope that everything is well organized and easy for everybody to follow and know exactly what to do for week four. Have a wonderful week, I’ve been enjoying going through this class so far with everybody.

What you will learn for week four

Week four, we move away from looking at the history and law around disability and start to understand identity development. This week you will read Rothman’s (2018) chapter seven which provides a good overview of disability and identity. The objectives for weeks four include the following:

Unit Assignments


A–01: Asynchronous Participation and Engagement

Students are to make at least three replies across any four open forums this week. Remember, the expectation is to read all of the posts. Your responses can include another student’s reply if you contribute something substantial to the discussion. Be sure to post on two separate days to show engagement. The following are the four forums this week:

Unit Resources

Rothman’s (2017) chapter seven provides an excellent overview of understanding disability identity. I would also encourage you to look at a couple of other sources. To provide you with a couple of examples, I am providing you with Evans’s (2018) talk, where she describes her concept of uncovering (TEDx Talks, 2018).

In her 2017 TEDx Talk, Lea provides a powerful example of feeling left out of mainstream culture due to her physical disability and how she was able to forge her own identity.

In my lecture video, SOWK 322 Week 04 - Developmental Theory in the Context of Disability, I briefly relate Mackelprang and Salsgiver (2016) theory of human development and disability to a couple of client examples I have had over the years.

You can view any of my decks at, or SOWK 322 Week 04 - Developmental Theory in the Context of Disability

View SOWK 322 Week 04 - Developmental Theory in the Context of Disability.

This week, we also will be starting to examine birth defects. The National Birth Defects Prevention Network website provides useful information about birth defects.


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Mackelprang, R., & Salsgiver, R. (2016). Chapter 2 - Human development and disability. In Disability: A diversity model approach in human service practice (3rd ed., pp. 37-96). Oxford University Press.

Rothman, J. (2018). Social work practice across disability (2nd ed.). Routledge.

TEDx Talks (2017, January 18) Sexuality and disability: Forging identity in a world that leaves you out / Gaelynn Lea / TEDxYale [Video]. YouTube.

TEDx Talks (2018, July 16) Uncovering: an Empowering pathway to disability identity / Heather Evans / TEDxUofW. [ Video] YouTube.

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