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MyHeritage Syllabus Presentations Emails

I think the first week of presentations went well. This weekend, I have graded the presentations from week seven. They were all really good. I also have gotten caught up a bit on grading the other forums. I still have some more to do. This week will be very much the same as last week.

Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

We are in Week 8, and we are at the end of our two weeks of presentations! There will be no quizzes or videos. Instead, all weekly points will come from discussion participation. The objectives are as follows:

Unit Resources

While it is the same information that is in the syllabus, there is a handout - Assignment 03: Disability Population Group Presentation Description. You can also see that actual assignment A-03: Disability Population Group Presentation Groups 1-4 or A-03: Disability Population Group Presentation Groups 5-8 as well as A-03b: Group Presentation Self-Reflection Questionnaire that will be due after the presentations are all completed, on Sunday 3/13.

The groups are as follows:

Topic Group Number
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Group 5
Down Syndrome Group 6
Neural Tube Defects Group 7
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Group 8

As well, you can go directly to each of the forums:

Unit Assignments

  1. If you are presenting this week
    • Make sure someone in your group posts the presentation in the appropriate thread by 9:00 AM on Monday.
    • As a group, respond to all questions and comments your presentation receives. All group members do not have to respond to every comment, but each person should be present in the thread and contribute something.  
  2. If you are NOT presenting this week
    • Please view all the presentations.
    • Please make at least three substantive comments or questions on three separate presentations.
    • At least one reply should be during early on in the week
    • Comments should include enough content to allow for dialog with the presenters. Questions are highly encouraged.

To Do List