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Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

Week 11 is an opportunity for students to work together in their groups and spend time learning some tips and ideas for writing the methods section of their program evaluation. There are a couple of activities drawn from the APA-style website meant to help improve students’ academic writing. The agenda is as follows:

Unit Assignments

A-01: Class Engagement and Attendance

Attend class

A-04a Individual Weekly Journal Entries

You can find the assignment W-11 A-04a Journal Entry 06.

Unit Resources

We will use a couple of worksheets from the APA Style Guide website during class. These include Research Article Activity from the APA Style Website and Let’s Get Active: Active Voice Writing Guide. Some of the content today comes from PLOS, a journal publisher, and their discussion of how to write a methods section. If you are interested, you can read PLOS (n.d.) How to Write Your Methods.

All of the presentations for this class can be found at You can see this week’s slides at Spring 2024 SOWK 460w Week 11 - Writing and Developing Your Methods Section

You can find the recording of all of our classes in the lecture videos for this course.

To-Do Lists