MyHeritage Syllabus Presentations Emails

Knowing that guests will join us for the presentations, I’m hopeful everybody can get to class a little early/on time. I know we will have some of the BASW students join, and some of the other HU staff, and I’m hoping for some of your practicum staff. It should be fun; don’t be too intimidated.

Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

During week 16, we will have groups complete their presentations and share them with their classmates, members of the university community, and workers for their practicum placements. Students will be able to demonstrate scholarly presentation skills and share practical assessments and recommendations compiled from their program evaluations.

Unit Assignments

A-01: Class Engagement and Attendance

Attend class

A-04e: Program Evaluation Group Presentation

Meta: Points 200 pts (20% of student’s final grade); Deadline During class Monday 04/29/24; Submission via in-person presentation. Locations Assignment Submission and Syllabus Handout

Purpose: Sharing the results of our research is a vital aspect of the research process. This presentation allows students to provide an academic presentation regarding their research findings. Furthermore, it gives an opportunity for students to formally present their findings to staff at the agencies they conducted their program evaluation.

Task: Along with submitting the final paper for the student’s research project, it is also recommended that students return their findings to the agency where they complete their program evaluation through a presentation. Along with offering the agency a copy of the final report, students will invite staff to participate in a final presentation to discuss their findings. This final presentation will occur during week 16, on Monday 04/29/24 during class time. If students would like to present at an earlier week to accommodate the program evaluation stakeholders’ time, they can request this from the instructor. The group presentation is about 15 to 20 minutes long. All the students will receive the same grade for the presentation, and each student is expected to have some part in presenting. Presentations will approximately follow a format like the one listed here:

  1. Introduction and Stakeholder Engagement (3 slides)

    a. Introduction (1 slide)
    b. Evaluation Purpose (1 slide)
    c. Stakeholders (1 slide)

  2. Cultural Competence (1 slide)
  3. Description of the Program Being Evaluated (1 slide)
  4. Logic Model (1 slide)
  5. Evaluation Design (2 slides)

    a. Evaluation Questions (1 slide)
    b. Design, Methods, Indicators & Standards (1 slide)

  6. Analysis, Results, & Interpretation (5 to 8 slides)

    a. Analysis (1 slide)
    b. Results (3-5 slides)
    c. Interpretation (1-2 slides)

  7. Use & Dissemination (1 slide)
  8. References (1 slide)

Success: Students will perform a presentation using strong presentation skills and sharing relevant information from their research project. See Appendix D Academic Presentation Rubric for the Program Evaluation for the basis of the feedback and grades. I will provide feedback before final grades are due, which is by Wednesday 05/15/24 at 5:00 PM.

Unit Resources

If you don’t remember what you signed up to bring, the Google Doc Student Program Evaluation Symposium is accessible.

If you can email me a copy of your presentation before class I can have that ready to go through.

To-Do Lists