Things Lost on the Trip

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Good Deed A Day - It features a Lost and Found Booth with boxes of various human feelings. This Cartoon was taken from the blog Good Deed A Day . It features a Lost and Found Booth with boxes of various human feelings. While on my trip I didn’t loose my feelings, I felt it was a good picture to use.

During my trip I lost, broke, or other crazy events happened. The following is a list of all the things big and small.

  • I didn’t get stickers for my water bottle (the one souvenir that i got from every where I went) in Denmark and the Czech Republic.
  • In Berlin, before we even left for our second city… I forgot my favorite hoodie at the bus station. I must say that while in the US I’ve had people offer to buy this hoodie off of me while at coffee shops… maybe I should have taken them up on the offer.
  • I lost my time. I bought post cards to sent to friends and family in Prague… but never sent them off. I actually thew them away when I got to the US, even though I filled them out.
  • In preparation of flying, I sold my tent for €10.00 (about $13.48800)… probably worth at least $100.
  • Vienna was the first country that we decided to fly from… well actually Bratislava. I threw away a number of other camping gear, rain gear, and several sets of cloths (leaving me with 2 shorts, 1 pants and a bunch of shirts and other stuff) at the airport.
  • In Barcelona, we lost an airplane ticket… we though we were staying an extra day.
  • I also tore one of my shorts, leaving me with 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of pants.
  • Due to my computer breaking (see later item in list) I lost many of my pictures of Rome and Bergemo.
  • In Lativa, I broke my computer (or maybe the hostel I was staying at… not exactly sure). Luckily I was able to purchase an accidental protection plan when I got home. This still cost me close to $400, and made be very broke!
  • In Riga, I told a friend that I would get him a souvenir. The shops closed before I made it there, and I didn’t get him the one I wanted to (cool leather covered liquor bottle).
  • Somebody stole my €10.00 plastic watch that I bought because I was tired of never knowing what time it was and being late for check out time.
  • In Krakow I tore my only pair of pants beyond repair… leaving me with one pair of pants. Also, my flip flops broke forcing me to walk in the rain with my right foot continually falling out of the thong.
  • I also did cosmetic damage to the second watch that I purchased in Warsaw… due to losing the first one.
  • In Budapest, we missed another plane, and I think I got bit by bed bugs.
  • In London, I lost a cool zippo lighter that I bought in the Czech Republic.
  • I bought a map that my “Lets Go Western Europe” suggested and realized it was worthless, so I traded it for a much cheaper better one.
  • The button on my last pair of shorts broke, almost leaving me pants less while going though airport security.
  • I lost Trevor in Europe, he decided not to come back with me and is currently in Spain.
  • After getting home to Seattle, I lost my cell phone in a taxi.
  • I got home, and my computer was broken, I lost my cell phone so I felt very disconnected from life… and realized that somebody stole my bike.
  • Finally I lost my financial security. I’ve gone back to donating plasma (first time today in a long time), haven’t bought groceries and am hoping to get paid before my rent is due… other wise I’ll have to figure out something quick

Although that is quite a list of lost items, I wouldn’t trade my trip experience for any of it or all of it. It was a truly amazing trip. I really could have made a longer list of all the things I got from the trip, but thought that this was a bit funnier. When / if you have traveled, have you lost, broke or done something else to your stuff.

 My bike chain cut on my porch. My bike chain cut on my porch.