Site Overhaul Complete

1 minute read

Since purchasing this domain name, and transferring all of it to here I have been going to though and giving the entire site a brief overhaul. I’ve had relatively limited experience with PHP. Since migrating my data, I have reduced it dramatically by utilizing the php language for includes for all the material that I add into each page. I have also added added and made a complete section for research and evidence based practice (link no longer valid). In completing this section I even utilized some JavaScript for the specific menu.

More than I have gotten done, I am still on the learning curve for some other projects on the site. For example I am attempting to be able to have an include file for my menu structure. The only problem is that I don’t want it to be static. I have struggled some with trying to implement cookies using the setcookie() and the $_COOKIE functions in php. I have had difficulty knowing how to debug it.

This would all change based on what specific page the viewer is on. I also loaded the Google Maps API and have attempted to build applications both with that and google earth.

  • PHP: Pre Hypertext Processor