Street Lights

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 Street Lights Street Lights

I spent this weekend seeing old friends in both Pulman and Moscow. It was a really good time, and a trip well spent. The trip really made me spend some time evaluating where I am in my life, especially as I sped home at 2 am on Sunday morning (wanted to be able to go to my home church).

I had two thoughts as I was speeding home. I started thinking about how fast paced my life (and really the majority of the industrialized world) is. First, I was thought about when the road is bumpy that one feels the bumps even more and they can be harder to handle then if somebody is going slowly. Have you ever taken a speed bump at 50 mph? Well, I haven’t, but I would imagine that it would be very hard to take. I think this is true in our lives too. As our life pace moves so quickly, the bumps in our life are harder to handle correctly. It is much more likely that one of the bumps in our life will take us out. Second, I started thinking about how I drive when I am going fast, especially at night. Race cars attempt to turn as little as possible. Sudden changes in direction can be detrimental for somebody going quickly. If there are no cars, I might freely change lanes back and forth to attempt to go as straight as possible. It’s like the lines in our life don’t matter as much. I believe in our fast paced life, it can be easier and easier to have the lines and boundaries blur. Things that did not appear cross-able are easily crossed to keep the speed up. Maybe it’s time to slow our lives down some, keep in our lane and courageously take on all the bumps that come our way.