Creative Giving?

1 minute read

I think that creativity and ideas are everywhere for us, we just have to tap into them. It also seems that it is easy to come up with ideas about things to spend money on, when one doesn’t have any money to spend.

I went to McDonald’s tonight for a snack, kind of a long story, and spent some of the last couple of dollars I have on some McChicken Sandwiches. This got me thinking about how their only a buck. Buying two of them was sufficient for my stomach (probably not if I was super hungry…). This got me thinking about what if I just bought like 100 of them (or 50) and gave them out to homeless people (although this would probably work better in Spokane then here in the Tri-Cities).

I am a firm believer in giving. I think it is a great thing, and even though I’ve never made a lot of money working, I’ve always given. This is normally my tithe, and I’ve given to various organizations, and given lots of my time. I think it would be cool to, after I get a job probably, put into my budget a “Creative Giving” category. On my budget I generally take out 20% of my gross income. I pay myself first with 10% and tithe 10%. Then I’ve in the past had some different things that I’ve given to with some extra money.

If I could have this “Creative Giving” category, and maybe only put $50 into it every month. I would want to require that I come up with a new creative way to give away that money every month. It seems to be a really interesting idea, but probably not worth that much coming from somebody who had to gather change to pay a $2.17 late night dinner at McDonald’s, we’ll have to see if when I have an income I put my money where my mouth is.

I want to know, if someone gave you $50 and told you that you had to come up with a creative idea on how to give it away…. what would you do with it?