Tri-Cities Wine Festival

1 minute read

The last couple of weeks have been pretty great. This last weekend was really fun. I got the opportunity to go to the 2010 Tri-Cities Wine Festival held at the Three Rivers Convention Center. It was a really fabulous event. While the entrance was generally $65.00 to attend, I was able to get in for free. Safe Harbor Crisis Nursery was invited to the event to do a coat check for donations. I was able to go and spend a little bit of time tasting some wines before starting to collect coats. It was a lot of fun. When I was walking around (by myself at first), I ended up meeting two people. One was a lady from China who had gotten her Ph.D. from WSU and a guy who was from Chile. I was really surprised to meet a couple of international persons in the Tri-Cities (I always feel like it’s such a small place). Especially the guy from Chile. We spent time talking about Pisco, and the rivalry between Peru and Chile. It was very interesting.

When I was doing the coat check it was kind of fun. I got to talk about Safe Harbor with a number of people and hear lots of people say they were familiar with our services. We even had a guy give a $100 donation into our tip jar. Pretty phenomenal.

I get to go into my orientation here tomorrow for Tri-Cities Community Health. It seems like things are getting into place.