It Starts Again

1 minute read

I have been been doing graphic and web design stuff for the last several years. It all started with an original blogspot website . My friends all started posting blogs and I created my own. Later I learned that I wanted to change how the blog looked and felt. I started teaching myself a little bit both doing some of my own graphical design and webdesign. After a while, I figured I wanted greater control and to create my own website. I used some free space from my ISP. I out grew that, and decided I wanted greater control over my site and the ability to employ PHP. I purchased my own web hosting and domain name. I built a pretty extensive website using WordPress as my blog software and creating static PHP pages with different functioning. After going through my entire website and having to update a few things a couple of times, I decided it was time to use a CMS. I started using Drupal as a CMS. I spent a lot of time, and had placed all of my static pages onto Drupal’s system and designed it how I liked it. I started to learn to change some basic structural components of the system to the way I liked it. Then Drupal upgraded to a complete new version. Since I am always looking for the newest greatest thing, I upgraded my site. I lost all of my data as it was structured in the process. I have all of the backup files, but I can’t just import it. I lost a couple of hundred pages and my blog articles. I’m especially sad, because I had recorded many of my travels through Europe and South America. I’m hoping to make this site better then it was before and with more enhancements. My website was down for a long time, and now I’m starting fresh… I won’t lie. It will probably take me quite a while to get back to where I was before, but I will work on it. I hope you enjoy what you find and I always appreciate comments.

*[ISP]: Internet Service Provider