Mateo the Old Man - DIY Old Man Halloween Costume

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 Mateo the Old Man: DIY Old Man Halloween Costume Mateo the Old Man: DIY Old Man Halloween Costume

I spent the last couple of weeks searching in google images for the perfect costume for Mateo’s first halloween costume. I found a great idea, dress Mateo up like an old man. I ended up coming across, [Best Toddler Costume: Carl from “Up”] ( UP (2009) is a fantastic movie. While Mateo’s costume, wasn’t meant to imitate Carl like the aforementioned link, we decided on just an old man.

You can see some of photos I took of Mateo and the putting the walker together below. We ended up doing our photo shoot with Mateo this weekend (a week after halloween). Mateo wasn’t having any pictures the day of. You can also see the album, Old Man Mateo, Halloween 2013.

It turned out to be a cute costume. I made the walker from PVC pipe (I cut five 2 ft lengths and two 18 in lengths. I bought and returned PVC cement. I decided the pipe fit snug enough that it wouldn’t be necessary. The following are is the list of supplies that I bought and what prices I found for them at Target / Lowes.

Supply List


  • 1-In x 10-Ft 450 Psi Schedule 40 Pvc Pressure Pipe ($3.38) [Lowes]
  • Tennis Balls 3 Pack Penn Championship ($?.??) [Target]
  • 2 LASCO 1-in Dia 90-Degree PVC Sch 40 Side Outlet Elbow ($4.10) [Lowes] * Charlotte Pipe 5-Pack 1-in Dia 90-Degree PVC Sch 40 Elbow ($2.66) [Lowes] * Oatey 8-fl oz LO-VOC PVC Cement ($4.44) [Lowes] * Kobalt 15-in Aggress Saw ($9.98) [Lowes]


  • Old man pants
  • Old man shoes
  • Old man sweater
  • Old man glasses