Adventures Unexpected, Going iPad Only

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Going iPad Only

My life always seems to be full of adventures, or maybe like so many other things, it’s only a matter of perspective. Especially when I’ve been traveling in the past, I’ve found my self with all kinds of difficulties and random adventures.

I’ve been using my MacBook Pro very heavily over the past year and a couple of months since purchased it. I take it with me to work, and use it there. I use it for creating graphics and other design projects. It seems like I’m almost always on it. On Friday, I got home and I was going to keep working on the Keynote presentation I’m making for work regarding Getting Things Done and Mental Health on Wednesday. I had used it prior in the day, and there seemed to be no problems.

When I clicked the on button, there was the happy chime saying that it was starting, but it just never actually started. After about a half a minute I was accosted by the white screen of death (similar to the blue screen of death on a windows machine I’d imagine). There in front of me was bright white screen with a blinking folder with a question mark on it.

A graphic I found with the white screen of death. A graphic I found with the white screen of death.

I purchased my computer at Best Buy and with any large purchase like this, I get a couple of years of Geek Squad protection. It means even if I throw my laptop a cross the room, I can get it replaced for free. It great, that even though my Mac is out of warranty and my hard drive failed, I’m going to get it fixed for free. It will just take a couple of weeks.

My plan is to go iPad only. I’m actually pretty sure I will be able to get by pretty well. It should be an interesting experiment.