It’s Final, Plan Tickets Bought

1 minute read


I’ve been itching to travel again, as it’s been a really long time since I’ve gone any considerable distances (since I came back from my Jaunt Down to South America). In two weeks, I’ll be heading down to San Francisco for the Macworld / iWorld event. It’s a trade show and conference. This year, I can only really afford to do the expo hall, but hopefully in future years I might be able to attend the actual conference portion. Minnie has been calling it my nerd conference. I guess I have a lot more nerdery that I partake in, then I share here. Minnie’s always reminding me about it. When I’m driving, and want to listen to my podcasts, she calls them my nerd casts. She makes fun of me because after she goes to bed, I’ve been watching my nerd show. Netflix is amazing. I’ve never watched Star Trek Next Generation, and I’ve always been much more of the original Star Wars Fan. I’m enjoying it.

With all of those great nerd activities, it makes sense for me to be going to a nerd conference. I’m sure that I will be posting more as I go along.