My concuñada (sister-in-law1) passed away recently. They asked me to put together a remembrance video for her. I ended creating the photos with the various bible verses and quotes/information in Keynote and exporting them as images. Many of the images used are from Unsplash or from Wikipedia Commons. I used the SetApp app PullTube to download the songs from YouTube. Then I added everything to Final Cut, made some Ken Burns effects and transitions. The song list is as follows:

  1. Inolvidable Amor - Los Yonics 4:05
  2. Rocío Dúrcal - Amor Eterno 5:53
  3. Dos Coronas A Mi Madre - Cadetes De Linares 19 Éxitos 2:31
  5. Para Mi Ángel En El Cielo 3:04
  6. YO TE EXTRAÑARE - Tercer Cielo ( C.R ) 4:27
  1. Concuñado/a is an interesting word in Spanish. We don’t really have an English translation that is the same. Cunado/a is also Brother/Sister-in-law. But they are the one that is directly related to your spouse, where your Concuñado/a is their spouse. Familia connection is something that is often talked about in relation to Latinx culture, I find it telling that they would have more words to help express family relationships than we would in English.