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I hope that you are all well. I have had a chance to start going through some of your papers. Thank you so much for all of your effort in looking at those. I generally wait to give feedback until I have finished all of the grading so that I am able to focus on one task at a time. I’m hoping tentatively until mid week this week to finish grading papers. By next week, I want to be all caught up on grading for Midterms.

Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

Week’s eight and nine are both about how social workers conduct assessments. After we have started building relationship with our clients, and before we can really find ways to support them we have understand what the real problem is. We will be looking at how we do assessments. We will review examples of screening tools, the DSM-5, and mini mental status exams. As well we are going to spend time discussing documentation.

Unit Resources

In looking at assessment, it might be helpful to think about how assessment connects with intervention. Wolraich et al. (2011) information about diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I created a video talking about ADHD Information for Practitioners, Parents, and Schools that might be useful.

Dr. Beverly Ford describes the assessment process that gives some insight into why assessment in the video the Assessment Process by Oregon DHS.

All of the presentations for this class can be found at This weeks presentation, Week 08: Assessments can also be downloaded.

View Week 08: Assessment in Social Work.

Unit Assignments

A-01 Synchronous Class Participation

Participate in class

A-02 Asynchronous Participation - Preparation for In-Class Teach Back

This assignment is going to be a part of participation in class for week 09. There is no other assignments either this week or next to have time to prepare for it.

Purpose: For students to be able to both increase knowledge around assessment and to facilitate learning for peers about what to examine in various assessments.

Task: Students will work in small groups to plan a presentation to take place during class on 10/19/20. Students will prepare a short five to 10 minute presentation to talk about what social workers should be looking for in various aspects of assessments. During class 10/12/20 students will be divided up into four groups. Each group will be assigned one of the following out of the textbook:

Students are to prepare to share information and have a discussion with classmates about their selected area. Students may choose to create a presentation that can be completed during class. The goal is to help classmates know how to assess for the given topic and have a group discussion about the topic.

Criterion for Success: Students will show they are prepared in class on week nine to facilitate both information about their topic and have discussion with their fellow students.

A-03 Reading Quizzes

Reading quiz due on Monday before class for Hepworth et al. (2017) chapters eight and nine.

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