Beginnings in Seattle

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 How I left my room prior to going to Europe. How I left my room prior to going to Europe.

Today started our trip. After getting off work this morning, me and Trevor left to catch the bus. Neither of us really felt ready for the trip, and have stuff that we had to get done. I had hoped to have my house cleaned by when it was time to go. This obviously did not happen.We took the Greyhound from Spokane to Seattle… a stupid 7:30 minute ride. We didn’t know where we were going to stay, but found a pretty great hostel, Green tortoise Hostel. The room is clean, we have two other roommates (it’s dorm style). They had a great free dinner at which lots of the residents participated. I’ve met people already from Ireland, Australia, Japan, and Korea. They have some sort of activity everyday, today was a water balloon fight. The people seem pretty chill. Me and Trevor decided to wonder around Pike St. market and by the mall. We ended up at a pretty cool bar that had hundreds of taps posted on their walls. A pretty cool atmosphere.having not slept in about 48 hours, I think it is time to crash out and get ready to take off on our transcontinental flight in the morning.