Quick Update From Isla de Margarita

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While traveling sometimes, it seems like I might spend too much time on my computer. Especially because I am a bit of a perfectionist, I take quite a bit of time to get any one thing finished. I was hoping to write about some of my experiences over the last week… but it’s just taken way too long to get everything done (so hopefully tomorrow). It’s already almost 11pm here in Venezuela, and I have a 6am boating excursion in the morning. I did figure that I would leave you with a couple of things. I’m making a list of all my posts, and other facts (including my Google Maps trip viewer) at a page on my blog (Jaunt Down South). I have uploaded my pictures so far from Venezuela, Entering a Whole New World Facebook Album. I have also updated places that we have been on my Google Maps:

View Jaunt Down to South America in a larger map

So happy viewing and I will write more soon.