Book Cover for Zolli and  Healy (2012) Resilience: Why things bounce back

Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back

by Andrew Zolli and Ann Marie Healy

Jacob says
A great book, well worth the read.

I’m a little bit buried with school work, teaching work, and my new job. One of my assignments this week is to write an amazon style book review. I listened to this book two times now, and have been reading thought it again. I’ve really enjoyed it. I didn’t want to post just a couple of paragraphs on Amazon, but wanted to write something here at the same time… so this is a little bit shorter than some of my other book reviews

Zolli and Healy (2012) offer a wide ranging, transdisciplinary look into the concepts resilience. They examine resilience from models related to the individual, groups and organizations, and from ecological systems. They also look at how resilience is facilitated by what they call translational leaders.

In the descriptions and understanding of resilience, their book is full of many examples of resilience through a number of different viewpoints. I found it an interesting viewpoint to be able to look at ecological resilience (such as examples realted to rainforest regrowth as the program focused on Regrow Borneo, Tree by Tree or how the oceans reefs are resilient) and making connections to how that resilience can and could be connected to the various systems at play in our world.

Along with systems, communities and the translational leaders that help to facilitate the resilience within them provide powerful examples how where our society can go, if we put forth the effort to look at our systems and increate collaboration through trust and cooperation (Zolli & Healy, 2012).

If you are interested in how do individuals, organizations, and communities can become more resilient, this book is an information filled read.


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