Adventure by the Fly

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 Ready to Roll Ready to Roll

When I got back from Europe, I thought I was done with my backpack for a while. Well, now that it’s Christmas time I figured it was OK to pick it back up. This year, I ended up working the whole week of Christmas (including Christmas and and the Eve) and I was sorely ready to head home and see friends and family for the holidays. I decided because of the amount of snowfall, that I might take the Train. This turned out to be a bad idea.

I got a call the night I was supposed to leave to head back to the Tri-Cities, from Amtrak. They told me that my train was running behind schedule and that would have to take a bus that they chartered. I did not realize that this would cut my weekend short.

Packed up my backpack, and headed out the door for a cold early morning walk downtown. I had decided that leaving my car would be the best thing, because of the limited parking next to to the train station. When I arrived at the the train station at about 2 am, I only had to wait about an hour for my bus to get ready to leave. Trading a train ride for a bus ride was not my favorite idea, but I figured at least it would get me home.

I got to spend the day with my mom and Gary. That night I went to Crossview Community Church’s Winter Chill Concert. It was pretty fun, and ended up hanging out playing Nertz until 3 am. I also got another call from Amtrak. They left a voicemail stating that my service was canceled, and that there was no other services set up. I was lucky enough to be able to find a ride back to Spokane from a friend. Generally my entire experience with Amtrak this winter was was stupid and cut my already short trip home even shorter.