Peru Dias Tres y Cuatro

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 An artistic photo of The sidewalk in Parque Amor in Peru at Sunset. An artistic photo of The sidewalk in Parque Amor in Peru at Sunset.

Sunday was a free day, which for me, meant sleeping in until late. I woke up and wondered down to the nearest café to order a chorizo enchilada and an Inca Cola for breakfast (maybe lunch). I spent some time on the internet at the local internet café and back to the hostel to just relax and get ready to head out to dinner. I spent some time reading down by the river and watching the sunset. Peruvians seem to flock to the streets and parks to hang out and spend time with each other (check out Peru~ Dias Tres y Cuatro Facebook Album.

 Working hard in El Jardin at the PPA in Lima.    Working hard in El Jardin at the PPA in Lima.

I really enjoy just hanging out with people. I don’t feel like, for me to be happy, I necessarily have to be doing something. I truly just love to spend time with people, maybe talk, maybe sit somewhere cool. I don’t feel like this is always acceptable. I end up not just dropping by or calling friends just because I do not have something in particular to do. I feel like Peruvians do not suffer from this. It seems like they are just happy to go to the park (by the ocean side) and watch the sunset together. Nothing that has to be done, just spending time. I really love that, and wish I had the courage to do live the same.

After watching the sun set, eating dinner we participated in some team building activities and I spent some time reading. The last couple of days I have been reading the first couple of chapters of Proverbs. I have also been reading Einstein: His World and Universe. I was amazed at Proverbs and the number of times, speaking about wisdom, that “she” is out in the streets or at the gates… etc basically that we ought to be looking in our common lives for wisdom. Also, in the Einstein book I have been amazed at the number of his and other’s “scientific revelations” came about as they were doing common daily activities (working, at a stop light… etc).

Today was the first Day at the PPA. It was a amazing experience. We meet with various area leaders, introducing ourselves in Spanish. Three other volunteers and I spent our morning working in the jardin (garden). The afternoon was filled with attempting to teach eight year olds English. This cause was difficult and quickly dissolved into playing futból outside. I was also quickly surrounded by youth wanting me to pick all of them up at the same time and spin them around. It’s hard to know that you can not be there for all 16 boys we were working with.

Tomorrow should be some more of the same… yet different.