Mi Vida Loca

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 Mi Vida Loca or My Crazy Life Mi Vida Loca or My Crazy Life

Mi Vida Loca, which translates to My Crazy Life. While three dots tattoo (placed on the hand between the index finger and thumb or by the eye) in a triangle shape is often used by gang members to signify gang life… I felt that with the month that I’ve had this month it was fitting to name this post Mi Vida Loca. No, I haven’t been involved in any gang activity. I have had a really crazy month, full of bad luck. I’m kind of hoping that now that this is a new month, I will have gotten rid of all my bad luck and the good luck will start overflowing my cup.

This month has included a number of different things, to varying degrees could be considered bad luck. At the beginning of last month I had an operation, with the end result being my gallbladder being removed. I had a number of risk factors going for me, pushing me towards gallstones and eventually having my gallbladder removed. While I have been in South America, I have lost a lot of weight (still waiting on my camera, so no photos of the thinner me) with is a risk factor. Another risk factor is fasting. I tend to not eat very well, and often forget to eat (only having one meal a day). I just get busy and then don’t eat. Along with not eating well, often when I eat I love to eat greasy food. While I don’t eat the same type of greasy food as I did in the US… I still get my opportunities. On the streets there is always little anticuchos stands. These are women who barbecue meat (kind of like shish kabobs). One of my favorite snacks; coming in beef, heart, chicken, and sausage (really more of a hot dog). Along with anticuchos, there are always venders selling empanadas (although I prefer empanadas from Venezuela), and hamburger type things. Another favorite unhealthy dish I like is salchichapapas (which translates to sausage and french fries). Sometimes this comes with chaufa rice, and again things they call sausages which are closer to hot dogs. So good, but kind of greasy. Other than eating unhealthy, I also don’t drink enough water and have too much coffee or Inca Kola. Combine all of this into my life and you get gallstones.

I’ve learned that it can be “fun” to have operations in third world countries. Every thing went just fine from the operation, and I am feeling back to normal. Although, I can’t exactly eat anything that I want. Sometimes when I try to have the Super Duper Norton’s Burger from Nortons Rat’s Tavern my stomach feels like it has a brick in it. But other than that I’ve been able to eat most things again.

Other than having semi vital organs removed in third would countries, I’ve also had problems with cats. I’ve been house sitting for a Ecuadorian friend while she went home to visit family. It’s been amazing, actually a nicer apartment then I’ve ever had. She had two cats (which living with cats has cemented my feeling that I don’t want cats or like them). Although, I’ve don’t like cats… I didn’t intentionally lose one. I’m not sure what happened to one of her cats. It just disappeared one night (I still haven’t told her). I think it either went out the window (second story) or must have snuk (while writing this post I found an interesting article regarding snuck verses sneaked) out the door one day.

Other than losing cats, I’ve also lost the girl I was seeing. I had been seeing a Peruvian girl for the last month, but the relationship just didn’t seem to be working out so I had to break up with her. While I didn’t lose my job, I did have to reapply for my job at the National University.

The final crazy thing that happened to me, was getting mugged. A couple of nights I was walking home fairly late. Right in front of my house (just a couple of doors down), three men jumped me. Only my pride was hurt, so I’m fine. I’m just one cell phone and a couple hundred Nuevo Soles shorter. All in all, it’s been a pretty crazy month. But it’s just another piece of my crazy life.