Bitten Years Ago, I’ve Got the Bug

1 minute read

Travel Bug Yes, I have the Travel Bug. A graphic I quickly put together in Adobe Illustrator depicting the words “Travel Bug” and some other graphics taken from All Free Downloads The Bee

I’m getting more and more excite for my Trip to San Francisco for Macworld / iWorld – See my post It’s Final, Tickets Bought. I’m currently sitting in the SeaTac Airport, waiting for my flight to leave in about an hour. I’m sure I will have more to share in the next couple of days (so expect to see some for frequent posts from me this week if I can get around to it.).

Last night I got to visit my aunt and cousin. It is so good to be able to get to spend time with family. In doing calculations, it seemed as if it wouldn’t be much more expensive to stay somewhere and do the sleep and fly thing and not have to pay for parking. I had previously called Knights Inn Sea Tac Airport and was told the price would be around $58. I calculated the cost for parking, it looked like it would be around $40, so the sleep, fly, park option seemed a great deal. It ended up costing closer to $88. I really dislike when things are somewhat deceptive.

Anyways, it all works out. While you wait for more posts, you can read all of my former travel journals, or my Jaunt Down South 2010, or European Excursion 2008.