Fall 2019 SOWK 459 Class 02 Weekly Email

Email sent on to SOWK 459

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Thank you all for bearing with me this week and last week in both sections. I know for section two yesterday was our first class together, and for section one we just had class last week because of my Intensive in California. So I’m sharing quite a bit of stuff with you all. The hope is that for the following weeks, I will be sending this email out at the beginning of the week.

I’ve posted two videos in PanOpto through the My Heritage online learning learning environment.

For the Thursday class last week, I posted Week 01 - Course Syllabus and Assignment Discussion talking about the syllabus and the assignments in general. You can see it below or at the link above:

For the Tuesday Class, I posted Week 02: Introductions and Topics talking generally about writing the introduction. You can see it below or at the link above:

In thinking about how we decide on a research project and talking about Mind Mapping as an option for doing that I created a video on my YouTube channel about Choosing a Research Topic - Criteria for Choosing and a Digital Tool. You can see the video below:

You should have read chapters one and two in the textbook and taken the quiz. If you weren’t able to complete the quiz just send me an email and I can offer you an extension for this week.

I’m posting the slides from both week one and two. The presentation slides can be viewed on Notist.

View Introduction to Social Science Research Methods on Notist.

View Week 02 - Introduction and Topics on Notist.

Finally, I’ve the following are the syllabi for the Tuesday class (section 1) and the Thursday class (section 2) with the updated dates for the assignments on your MoodleCloud.