Fall 2019 SOWK 459 Class 10 Weekly Email

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Just a reminder that we don’t have class this week (e.g. 10/22/19 or 10/24/19). The objective of this is to give you an opportunity to spend time working on completing your peer-reviews of your fellow students on the Moodle Account. You have all been assigned two peers that you must review their papers.

Everybody had to submit their papers as documents. The expectation is that you use microsoft word’s track changes to edit and make comments on their paper. Erin Wright has a good video on YouTube, How to Use Track Changes in Microsoft Word. The video is a little less then 8 minutes long, but gives a overview of how to use it, along with making comments.

After you have reviewed your paper, you will upload your respoonse to the person that you are completing the peer-review for. You need to make some additional text comments (describe a general overview of their paper, along with a summary of the types of edits that you suggested in their paper. You will also score them according to the rubric that we discussed in class.

Your reviews will be due by Friday night.

For next week, we will be having class on Tuesday, but during class we voted and decided not to have class on Thursday due to Halloween. Students are welcome to attend on Tuesday, and I will send out whatever the presentation is for that week (sometime next week).

I have scored the theoretical framework and provided feedback. Tonight I am working on finishing grading for my SOWK 486 class and plan to use the normal class time that we have to finish reviewing the annotated biliography for all of you on Thursday.