Fall 2019 SOWK 459 Class 15 and 16 Weekly Email

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I hope that you all had a great thanksgiving!

I hope that you guys are making it through some of the editing for your final papers due this Sunday at Midnight. I have finished reviewing the lit review and provided feedback on the Moodle Site. You should be able to go to that assignment, click on the link for your assginment and see your group members feedbacks as well as mine. I will work on adding the grades to My Heritage for that, the lit review peer-review, and the peer review for the research proposal. I will grade and provide feedback about the research proposal, but I likely will not get it done prior to you needing to submit your final paper. You can see the slides from last weeks class on qualitative methods, it has a small sample I quickly wrote for one of your classmates to provide an example for how it might look.

View Week 14 - Qualitative Inquiry.

Some things to consider. Make sure your sources are from journal articles (at least 11 for your final paper). The final paper is shorter than a combination of your other writing, so you will have to cut some things down (1,250 words to 1,500 words). That word count can be from the title to where the reference section starts. The majority of the paper should be written using third person and telling the story of your research through the narration describing peer-reviewed journal articles. The research proposal, where you are talking about specific steps for completing your surveys or that sort of thing can be in first person.

Your grades for submitted extra credit, the research proposal and the final paper will be submitted before 12/11/19 at 5pm which is when final grades are due (although I’ll try to finish it sooner and post things as I go, that way if you have questions).

Thank you guys for the wonder semester and going through this process together, hopefully this class and the process we have followed in writing a research paper has been a useful experience and helpful in honing some of your scholarly writing skills.

Finally for finals week, we will be having a celebration on Tuesday (12/03/19) at 5:30 PM. You guys have worked really hard this semester. People have suggested going out to restaurant. I’m thinking Apple Bees in Pasco (5305 Road 68, Pasco, WA 99301). I’ll be showing up early to get tables reserved. If you can email back if you are planning on coming so that I have an accurate headcount.

As well, if you have questions regarding your final paper and the implementation, feel free to contact me. I’m faster at responding to texts verses emails (509) 392-1056.