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I’m looking forward to seeing all of you on Zoom tomorrow!

Week five is a continuation of laying the groundwork for this course. It is focused on providing an overview of the helping process. The Hepworth et al. (2017) text formats the helping process into three phases.

  • Phase 1: Exploration, Engagement, Assessment, and Planning
  • Phase II: Implementation and Goal Attainment
  • Phase III: Evaluation and Termination

During the session we will be examining an overview of considerations we should have in each of the phases. As well, we will be looking at how we set the environment with our clients and what the interviewing process looks like. The agenda is:

  • Overview of the three phases of the the helping process
  • Setting the environment
  • Interviewing clients

Unit Resources

I have gone through and completed providing feedback from week two’s forum. Sorry to be further behind then I would like. I do try to give really comprehensive an useful feedback. I spent most of the day writing up feedback to help support posts. I try to write feedback so that I can reuse it and so that it is actually helpful. I try to be descriptive (maybe too much sometimes, as I know it can be overwhelming), but also provide actionable information. I also provide links to help you understand the feedback given and provide methods to correct it. To support all of you in this, I am offering the following:

In prior years, I have kept a similar set of feedback that I’ve used to copy and past to provide student feedback. I am publishing that list of feedback both as a website and PDF so that you can see some of the content that we might be looking at. This is outdated, but it is much more comprehensive then my current version. The Previous Writing Feedback Information (see PDF version as well), is based on the APA Publication Manual sixth edition. This year, the manual was updated to a new version, the seventh edition. The majority of the information is still correct, but some of it has changed. The paper Guide to What’s New in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition provides a comprehensive description of what has changed.

I am also publishing my updated version. This is based on the seventh edition of the APA Publication Manual. The previous version has links to the Owl at Perdue, which is a great website but changed the format of all of their links so that the prior ones no longer function. I also wanted to move away from using an external resource when there is a resource published by the actual American Psychological Association for their style guide. You can see the list of feedback that was given to fellow students at Writing Resources: APA Seventh Edition Feedback List (or as a PDF version if you prefer).

I publish all of the presentation for this course at presentaitons.jacobrcampbell.com. This weeks presentation, Week 05: Overview of the
Helping Process

View Week 05: Overview of the
Helping Process.

Unit Assignments

Reading Quiz

Remember that you have a reading quiz over chapters three and four due prior to class on Monday 09/21/20 by 5:30 PM.

FlipGrid Post

Please note that the name for this flip grid is different then in the syllabus. The syllabus is written and placed in three places and it is just too much to go back through and republish the syllabus each week if the title is different. You can see the “W-05” that is short for “Week 05” which is the current week. For this week, this title felt more clear and fit within the title character limit for FlipGrid. I hope that is understandable.

Purpose: To help generate ideas of how to engage with clients and develop rapport with them. The task of developing rapport is essential for being able to help co-create positive for our clients.

Task: Using FlipGrid W-05 “Building Rapport w/ Clients” student will record a short video talking discussing some of the ways they see developing rapport with their future clients. Remember that you are free to respond to each others videos, although not required to.

Criterion for Success: Students will post a video on FlipGrid that is authentically sharing some of their thoughts for how they will work with their clients and develop rapport.

To Do Lists

  • A-01: Synchronous Class Engagement: Participate in Zoom Class Monday at 5:30 PM
  • A–02: Asynchronous Class Engagement W-05 “Building Rapport w/ Clients” due Sunday 09/27/20 at 11:55 PM via flipgrid
  • A–03: Reading Quiz for chapters three and four is due at 5:30 PM before class via My Heritage