Fall 2020 SOWK 486 Class 14 Weekly Email

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We are getting really close to the end of the semester. I hope that you are all are ready to talk about termination of work we do with our clients and the evaluation process that we can do in our practice.

Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

Assessments are in important aspect of social work and direct practice with clients. We should be participating in assessments of our own practice and the interventions that we complete with clients. There are a number of ways about going through that. The agenda for today is to look at the following:

  • Evaluation
  • The evaluation process
  • Terminationa
  • Follow up
  • Self Care

Unit Resources

We are talking about assessment in class this week. It is also time for the assessment of the class. I do really value feedback. So much that I am asking you to verbally give feedback in the FlipGrid video, but also using the course assessment tool provided by Heritage University. The results of the survey tool are confidential so I don’t receive any names related to specific responses. There should be a spot for you to be able to take the evaluation on the sidebar or CourseEval (link might work, it does for me).

You can find all of the presentations for this course at presentation.jacobrcampbell.com. Week 14 Evaluation and Termination

View SOWK 486 Week 14: Evaluation and Termination.

Unit Assignments

A-01: Synchronous Class Engagement

Attend class

A-02: Asynchronous Class Engagement

Post a video to FlipGrid “W-13 - Assessment of Class

Purpose: Give student the opportunity to talk abut what worked or didn’t work for them in class as a form of assessment.

Task: Record a short video sharing about your experience in this class. Please don’t be afraid to provide honest feedback, as what worked / didn’t work will be helpful in preparing for next semester’s class. I really value feedback.

Criteria for Success: Student will post a video talking about things that worked or did not work in class.

A–03: Reading Quiz

Complete reading for chapter 19 along with the reading quiz which is due 5:30 PM before class via My Heritage

To Do Lists

  • A-01: Synchronous Class Engagement Attend class
  • A–02: Asynchronous Class Engagement What worked and did not work for the class 11/29/20 at 11:55 PM via flipgrid
  • A–03: Reading Quiz for chapter 19 is due at 5:30 PM before class via My Heritage