Spring 2020 SOWK 460 Class 11 Special Course Plan Email

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I hope that all of you are out there staying safe. I know there is a ton of disruption in all of our lives. I think that the rest of the semester should still be useful for learning about program evaluations. I want to be able to support all of you. I would love the opportunity to talk to you all individually, and if you are interested, text (509) 392-1056 or email me campbell_j@heritage.edu a time that you would like to meet in the next week or two over Zoom or FaceTime. I’d like just to hear how everybody is doing in these difficult times.

I think that some of you will be able to move forward with your program evaluation as it is. If your group is unsure about moving forward with your group project, I would like to meet with you as well. If you can all talk and come up with a time to meet via zoom, and message that to me, that we can spend some time planning. One thing to consider is if there is a way to use data that you already have, potentially scaling back the scope of your previously planned project, or finding an easier method to obtain data.

The plan moving forward with classes this semester will be as follows: Weekly zoom class meetings to discuss the course content and your program evaluation projects. In the feedback from the Google form, I sent out many of you said that you like video lectures. I will do my best to present some videos on the topic (probably through YouTube) and send those out. You will still have reading quizzes for class. I’m going to move their dates to be due Friday’s instead of Monday’s before our class session. There should only be three more chapters we are going through. You are still expected to do your journals regarding the program evaluation.

Finally, for your program evaluation, your group will still submit a final paper and do an online presentation. I’m planning on Week 15 being about providing technical support in how to do this if you are unsure, but we can talk about it sooner if you want. For the presentation, you will probably post a Pan Opto or Zoom Recording in the forums so that everybody can view and make some comments.

The following are some of the changes to the plan for the rest of the semester. We will be meeting online on Zoom. Links below (each week through the weekly email, I will also send out the link, but thought it might be helpful to have it all in one place). I will also send out calendar invites so that it is in your calendar through your Heritage email. The invitation will have the links and methods to connect. You just click the link when it is time for class to start, and it is pretty easy to join.

Zoom works on a computer, tablet, or phone. It will let us see each other. We can have break out room discussions (e.g., small groups). I’ve not facilitated many meetings using it yet, but I’m sure we will all become experts. One consideration to take is to keep your microphone on mute when you aren’t talking. It is straightforward to take on and off. I know for some of us, video chat is a little awkward, but if you can have your camera set up, it is helpful to “see” everybody.

Because of the extended Spring Break, I’m moving Week 10 up to take place this week for week 11, so some of the reading and course topics are changing and will be as described here.

Week 11 Monday 03/23/20 Zoom Class Meeting from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM over the topic Evaluation Design: Qualitative Designs and Applications


Reading Quiz for Chapter 11 Due Friday 03/27/20

Week 12 Monday 03/30/20 Zoom Class Meeting from 5:30 to 7:30 PM over the topic Consumer Satisfaction


Reading Quiz for Chapter 12 Due Friday 04/03/20

Week 13 Monday 04/06/20 Zoom Class Meeting from 5:30 to 7:30 PM over the topic Interpreting Findings


Week 14 Monday 04/13/20 Zoom Class Meeting from 5:30 to 7:30 PM over the topic Dissemination


Reading quiz for chapter 13 Due Friday 04/17/20

Week 15 Monday 04/20/20 Zoom Class Meeting from 5:30 to 7:30 PM over the topic Technical Support in Preparing Presentations


Week 16 04/27/20 to 05/03/20 Posting Presentations in My Heritage Online Class Forum


Submit presentations in My Heritage on Monday, 04/27/20. Review all group presentations by that Friday. Make at least two comments on other group presentations.

Week 17 Finals Week 05/04/20 Zoom Class Meeting from 05:30 to 6:30 PM Ending the Year and Saying Good-Bye


All of this is subject to some debate and to best meet your needs.