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Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

In week five, we will start to be more focused on going through the code of ethics. This week is a continuation of the discussion that began last week regarding the evolution of the code of ethics. It will also be the start of some introspection on our own values and biases.

The learning objectives for week five are:

  • Identify key concepts in the NASW Code of Ethics Preamble
  • Explore personal values systems
  • Discuss ways in which values systems vary

Unit Assignments


A–01: Asynchronous Participation and Engagement

There are five forums for week five. There are some specific tasks that students have. First, all students are asked to share the textbook they have in the forum Which Textbook Do You Have? Everybody will also participate in our values activity. You can read the activities description and information about it in the forum Values Exercise - Understanding Differing Perspectives. you can also go directly and participate in the Padlet - W-05 Values Exercise - Understanding Differing Perspectives. There are three other forums that students can join. These include:

Students need to make at least two replies across any of the three of these forums. In total, there will be at least four replies you have to make this week. You are always encouraged to engage in the forums you find most interesting, and the more engaged you are in the forums, the more you will get out of this class. Therefore, I’d like you to start participating in the values activity by mid-week and post in one of the other forums to show engagement.

Unit Resources

The textbook I have in the syllabus is Reamer (2018a) Social Work Values and Ethics (Foundations of Social Work Knowledge) (5th ed.). You can see the book at the publisher’s website, Columbia University Press. The textbook customarily used for this class and listed in the university bookstore is Ethical Standards in Social Work: A Review of the NASW Code of Ethics (3rd ed.). Again, you can see the book at the publisher’s website, NASW Press. It would be best if you read the first chapter of whichever one you have this week. There is an opportunity for discussion in the forum Discussion of Readings and Furthering Knowledge, and all students should share which textbook they have.

The forum NASW Code of Ethics Preamble, includes information from the published code of ethics. You can find it at the NASW’s website, https://www.socialworkers.org/about/ethics/code-of-ethics/code-of-ethics-english. Furthermore, in my lecture video Fall 2022 SOWK 430 Week 05 - My Mistake and Our Values and Principals, I discuss all of the forums available this week and some of what we will be doing in class the portion of the course. Please watch it, and you can also see it below:

I’m excited to see your thoughts and discussion as we engage in the values activity this week. You can see the forum with the assignment description Values Exercise - Understanding Differing Perspectives go directly and participate in the Padlet.


Reamer, F. G. (2018). Social work values and ethics (foundations of social work knowledge) (5th ed.). Columbia University Press.

Reamer, F. G. (2018). Ethical standards in social work: A review of the NASW code of ethics (3rd ed.). NASW Press.

To-Do List