Fall 2022 SOWK 430 Class 11 Weekly Email

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Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

Week 11, we will be continuing to apply the ethical reasoning strategies to case studies, looking at how we personally connect with social work values, and planning our groups for next week’s group assignment.

Week 11 Objectives:

  • Discuss the role the value Integrity has in our lives.
  • Expand knowledge of ethical reasoning strategies.
  • Apply the Essential Steps model to more case studies.

Unit Assignments


A–01: Asynchronous Participation and Engagement

For week 11, you must create at least three replies in the forums and post a video to Flip.

Unit Resources

The NASW Code of Ethics (2021) is available online and in your textbook and is helpful in your discussion about the case examples. In addition, there are three case studies this week to go through again that all come from a previous version of your textbook, Reamer (2006). The PDFs of these documents are below as handouts. You can also see the Essential Steps for Ethical Decision Making on the National Association of Social Workers - Massachusetts Chapter (n.d.) website.

Your reading this week is from a booklet published by Paul and Elder (2006) The Thinker’s Guide to Understanding the Foundations of Ethical Reasoning.

Next week we will complete A-04: Ethical Decision-Making Case Study Group Chat, and I have picked groups members for everybody. You can see a handout of the group assignments.

You can watch all of the lecture videos for this class. Please watch and complete the embedded quiz at Fall 2022 SOWK 430 Week 11 - Stages of Moral Development

You can find all the presentations I do on my website, https://presentations.jacobrcampbell.com/. Fall 2022 SOWK 430 Week 11 - Stages of Moral Development

View Fall 2022 SOWK 430 Week 11 - Stages of Moral Development.


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National Association of Social Workers. (2021). NASW code of ethics. https://www.socialworkers.org/About/Ethics/Code-of-Ethics/Code-of-Ethics-English

Paul, R., & Elder, L. (2006). The thinker’s guide to understanding the foundations of ethical reasoning: Based on critical thinking concepts & tools (2nd ed.). Foundation for Critical Thinking.

Reamer, F. (2006) Ethical standards in social work: A review of the NASW code of ethics (2nd Ed.). NASW Press.

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