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Welcome to SOWK 486W!!

Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

This first week of classes is all of your first week starting in the social work program. Theories of Practice I is a part of a three-part series of classes. In the first semester, you will look at how we work with individuals. The second semester is about working with families and groups. Finally, the third semester takes a broader approach and looks at macro practice. During the first class session, we focus on getting to know our fellow learners, the course instructor, and the general feel of the course. We will also discuss academic writing as this course is a “W” class.

The plan is as follows:

  • Getting to know each other
  • Cooperative agreements and norms
  • The look and feel of this learning environment
  • Academic writing

Unit Assignments

None due prior to the first class.

Unit Resources

We will be reviewing the Fall 2022 SOWK 486 Theories of Practice I Syllabus. You can also find an HTML version if that is helpful.

During class, we will also be talking about academic writing. The following is some links to tools we will be talking about:

In finding references, it is important in academic writing to obtain the best quality source we can find (meaning the source with the most authority and closest to the topic). Peer-reviewed journal articles are important references to be searching for and using in your writing. Finding these it is often hard to find by just “Googling.” Use the following:

I recommend finding and using reference management software to keep track of articles you read and use in your writing. Some of the software that I mention are as follows:

Academic writing can be challenging. Many students find using APA to be intimidating, but it is very learnable. Along with their style guide, their website is a great resource. They have lots of examples and helpful descriptions. Two documents, in particular, are beneficial:

I made a video, Hierarchy in Academic Sources and Researching Advice for Social Work Students [YouTube Video] that can be helpful for in thinking about academic writing.

Hierarchy in Academic Sources

The presentation slides can be viewed through Notist on my website, where you can download them and follow along during class. Fall 2022 SOWK 486w Week 01 - Theories of Practice I Introduction

View Fall 2022 SOWK 486w Week 01 - Theories of Practice I Introduction.

To-Do List

  • A-01 Attend class on Wednesday at 5:30 PM in SWL 104
  • Read syllabus and resources
  • Complete the contact information form