Spring 2022 SOWK 322 Class 13 Weekly Email

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Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn:

Week 13 builds on week 12 and moves from an individual focus to a focus on working with groups and at a mezzo and macro levels. The objectives include:

  • Understand mezzo and macro-level approaches to disability practice.
  • Apply models for working within disability communities.
  • Apply models for making social and political changes.

Unit Assignments


  • Read Rothman’s (2018) chapter 14, “Practice Models - Working within the Disability Community.”

A–01: Asynchronous Participation and Engagement

Students are to make at least three replies across any of the four open forums this week. Remember, the expectation is to read all of the posts. Your responses can include another student’s reply if you contribute something substantial to the discussion. Be sure to post on two separate days to show engagement. The following are the four forums this week:

This week’s reading focused on several specific practice models for working at the mezzo and macro levels. Each of these has its forum with targeted questions and discussion. The four forums are as follows:

To Do List

  1. Read Rothman (2018) chapter 14
  2. Make three replies across any of the four open forums: Working for Social and Political Change, Social Action/Functional Community Model, Community Needs Assessment Model, Self-Help Model
  3. Continue working on your social activist paper.