Spring 2022 SOWK 322 Class 15 Weekly Email

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Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn:

During week 15, The reading is about various services and networks related to disabilities. The following are the objectives for this weeks learning:

  • Gain a basic knowledge about organizations that support persons with disabilities at a national level.
  • Use critical thinking to understand who these services are for and what some of the gaps might be
  • Consider data sets and how to read and understand the information provided

Unit Resources:

Disability and Health Data System and the Resource Center for Child and Adolescents Health both provide data sets for students to browse and consider this week.

Unit Assignments


  • Read Rothman’s (2018) chapter 16, “Overview of Network and Services in the Public Sector”

A–01: Asynchronous Participation and Engagement

Students are to make at least three replies across any of the five open forums this week. Remember, the expectation is to read all of the posts. Your responses can include another student’s reply if you contribute something substantial to the discussion. Be sure to post on two separate days to show engagement. The forums include the following:

To Do List

  1. Read Rothman chapter 16
  2. Make at least three replies across any of the forums: Browsing and Sharing the Resources in the Chapter, Who Would the Information Be Helpful For, What Services Would You Use?, Potential Gaps In Services, Sharing Information from a Data Set